d: “Xiao Luo, it’s me.”

d: “Xiao Luo, it’s me.”
“Da” he suddenly stopped the small movements in his hands, his whole body seemed to be stiff, and then he slowly raised his head, with dark circles under his eyes and pale lips. , thin cheekbones protruded from the sunken eyes, but he was very excited the moment he saw me. His eyes were filled with disbelief, his lips moved, and he said intermittently: “Brother Shanshan!”
I nodded, and he struggled from He stood up from the chair and stretched his hand out of the iron railing, trying to grab me. I rushed forward to meet him. After holding his hand, he said: “I’m back.”
Young people don’t understand the meaning of the word “things are right and people are different”. Only after experience can they understand the truth behind this word.
“Brother Shan, take me out. I don’t want to stay here, Brother Shan.” Luo Qiong held my hand tightly, and I could still feel that his hand was strong and his grip was very firm. He yelled at me like he was mad. Like crazy.
I shook my head and said, “If you don’t quit drugs, I won’t take you out.”
After hearing my words, Luo Qiong suddenly stopped crying and shouting, then let go of his hands and sat back on the chair, sneering: “You Like Cui Zhen and others, they all don’t understand me and want to harm me.”
/“Fat man is doing it for your own good. Don’t take drugs, you will die!”
“Don’t I know my own affairs?” Luo Qiong seemed to have changed. Someone suddenly shouted at me, “Let me out. What do you mean by locking me up?”
Before today, I naively thought that drugs were nothing to us decent people. I once thought that as long as you cultivate to a certain level, you don’t have to worry about taking drugs or anything like that. But today, I deeply realize that I have been shallow in the past, and I can’t get rid of it. Even though Luo Qiong once practiced demon cultivation, and his body is so strong and his willpower is so strong, he didn’t fall under those powders and syringes. .
“As long as you quit the drug, I will let you out. This shouldn’t be difficult for you. You once narrowly escaped death in Chen Anna’s hands. Can’t you bear the pain every day? This little drug, why? So difficult?” I was also a little excited and shouted to Luo Qiong.
He suddenly held his head in his hands and lowered his head. While crying, he shouted: “I just can’t quit, I just want to, Brother Shan, I’m in so much pain. But if I don’t smoke, I can’t forget those painful things. Brother Shan, I’m so tired, it’s really good Tired!”
He roared at me hoarsely. I walked over and asked through the iron fence: “What happened? How could you become like this?”
Luo Qiong looked up at me with tears in his eyes. His face was full of regret and sadness, and he said: “My mother was killed by my father!”
His words shocked me, and he said in disbelief: “What did you say? Did you go to Daheishan to find out? What happened? ?”
/He wiped his tears. Curling up and trembling, he whispered: “I went back to Daheishan with a sum of money and wanted to help the fellow villagers i